Good Old-fashioned Filipino Food

Good Old-fashioned Filipino Food

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Carlos P. Romulo, his wife Virginia, and their boys spent some of their happiest years in the United States (1945–1962), where he played a critical role in marshaling the Philippines through to full independence. In the embassy dining room, Lolo Carlos often entertained diplomats while Lola showcased her signature dishes.

Ambassador Romulo and Virginia Llamas feasting on Chicken Relleno in their Washington, DC, home.

Today these heirloom dishes take us back to when we were growing up in the sixties and seventies, to a magical family home called Kasiyahan—where five granddaughters and five grandsons learned to swim in a kidney-shaped pool shaded by trees fragrant with white kalachuchi blossoms. . . . We played together, ate our meals together, and faced our triumphs and also our toughest challenges surrounded by family.

“Kasiyahan,” 74 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, by Architect Carlos Arguelles.

Whether you’ve come to Romulo Café for Lola’s Chicken Relleno or for Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare, know that every one of our dishes has been made with love and heaps of nostalgia. Our goal is simple—to honor our grandparents and to serve good old-fashioned Filipino food.

“Filipino cuisine has taken the world by storm.”

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