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About Romulo Café

Welcome to Romulo Cafe.

Our grandfather, Carlos P. Romulo, loomed large in our lives. When we decided to open a restaurant, we thought of sharing aspects of his multifaceted life through photographs. By recalling his career highlights and offering a peek into his personal life, we wish to pay him tribute while also perpetuating his legacy.

Lolo, Lola Virginia, and their boys spent some of their happiest years in the US (1945–1962), where Lolo played a critical role in marshaling the Philippines through to full independence. In the embassy dining room he often entertained diplomats while Lola showcased her signature dishes. Today these heirloom dishes instantly take us back through time, to a magical family home called Kasiyahan.

Scraped knees, a kidney-shaped swimming pool, catching dragonflies under the fragrant kalachuchi trees. . .. Whether you’ve come today for Lola’s Chicken Relleno, or for Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare, know that every one of our dishes has been made with love, and heaps of nostalgia. Our goal is simple—to honor our grandparents, and to serve delicious food people really eat: the food we call “comfort food”.

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